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Avatarwares are an enhancement to your VZones experience.



Avatarwares Gift Cards Are Available


** Treat your family/friends to some Avatarwares by giving them an Avatarwares Gift Card **

 If you would like to request any re-releases in future Member Requested Catalogs, please contact the AWs team: AWsuggestions@VZones.com  If you require any Avatarwares assistance, please contact the AWs team: Avatarwares@VZones.com

While it is obvious that these items are only for use within our worlds, we feel it necessary to post this disclaimer: By making an Avatarwares purchase, you are purchasing the right to use these art items while in the appropriate VZones world. Should you leave our worlds or be unable to access them, no refunds will be given for items that have been paid for and delivered to you inworld or for items that have not been claimed for more than 30 days. Items picked up are not transferable between worlds.

Credit Card Fraud: Please note that the fraudulent use of credit cards to pay for your order via PayPal will result in the termination of your VZones account even if your VZones account is paid with a different credit card which you have the legal right to use. Digital Force Media, Inc. will cooperate with PayPal in cases of credit card fraud or suspected credit card fraud.

We currently only accept payments from verified and/or confirmed PayPal accounts. 

Please read the instructions on the PayPal website on how to verify or confirm your PayPal account. If you send a payment from an unverified PayPal account, we reserve the right to deny your payment until you can provide proof of verification or billing address confirmed by PayPal.